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If You Are Serious About Your Hiking Then You Need To Be Serious About Your Choice Of Hiking Boots

If you are a serious hiker it is crucial that you take the time to research and find the right hiking boot for the type of hiking you are into. The reason there are so many varieties of hiking boot is due to the fact that there are so many different types of hiking. For example if you hike through areas that have streams and such you will definitely want to make sure that the pair you choose are waterproof.

Whatever style of hiking you do you will want your footwear to be lightweight, sturdy, and constructed of one piece for maximum durability. The best hiking boots will also have a waterproof inner liner along with the capability to repel water and moisture on the exterior. Only look at boots that are less than 14 ounces, anything heavier than that will be too heavy and will make you tired more quickly. A hiking boot with all of these characteristics will be best for moderate as well as hikes that are off the trail.

For long distance hiking you will want a boot that has a sole filled with a nylon shank that will give you excellent edging and lateral stability for the extreme long distance hiking enthusiast. For the best of this type look for one with features such as a full leather lining, rubber mid soles, and gunmetal lacing and be sure that it is under six ounces.

There are a large number of hiking boots that are made for comfort more than others but they are usually custom made and thus will be more expensive than normal boots. If you are really serious about your hiking though you may not think the expense is that bad. Hiking boots of this type will feel like a part of your body which will make super long hikes a breeze compared to an off the rack shoe.

If you are into rock climbing you may want to consider a boot constructed of full grain nubuck, leather uppers, and a gusseted nubuck tongue along with a polyurethane dual density midsole that will give you enhanced lateral stability. A boot like this is well suited for rock climbing but not the best choice for heavy loads on long hikes.

The best practice is to make the decision of what type of hiking you need the footwear for before shopping. If you do long distance hiking and rock climbing then you will probably want to purchase two completely different types of hiking boot so you will have the maximum comfort, performance, and safety for your chosen activity. You can find the largest possible selection on the internet so start clicking.


Why More People Are Getting Into Wilderness Camping

Camping enthusiasts looking for a unique idea for a getaway should look no further than wilderness camping. Wilderness camping has many advantages such as having no need to hurry and no schedule to follow. It is a chance to commune with nature in some of the most attractive wilderness camping areas in the nation, many of which are not well-known to the general public. This kind of outdoor activity offers people the chance to relax and experience that indescribable feeling of being at peace with nature. They also have the luxury of all the time in the world to explore the beauty that nature is offering.

Here are some of the top places that other people who love wilderness camping recommend:

Andrew Molera Park, is found near Big Sur in California and is still one of those places that are fairly primitive for wilderness campers. There are over twenty sites to camp in, and interested campers should find out what kind of regulations are in place that should be complied with. This park offers wilderness camping trails for various outdoor activities that include several different types of landscape to choose from.

Theodore Roosevelt Wilderness in North Dakota is the home of this wilderness camping area, with nearly 30,000 acres to explore. Wilderness campers can spot many different types of animals and birds, including deer and bison, hawks and Bald Eagles. This wilderness camping area has around eighty-four miles of trails that give hiking access to the more inaccessible areas of the park. Wilderness campers must get a permit.

Ahjumawi Lava Springs Park gets its name from the Native American word, "ahjumawi" which means "where the waters come together." This wilderness camping area is at one of the biggest fresh water spring systems in the nation. The camping areas are unique in that they can only be accessed by water, making sure you have the privacy you are craving. Visitors can enjoy the rustic beauty of the area that includes pristine water shores, places to view lava rock and scenery that includes Mt. Shasta.

Haleakala Park is a gorgeous spot in Hawaii which gives visitors a rare chance to do some wilderness camping in an area that is both primitive and breathtaking. There are two campsites that can only be reached by foot. These two campsites each offer a different experience for wilderness camping. Campers can get free permits to camp at either site, and there are various rules for camping in this park.

These are a few suggestions of places to go for wilderness camping. Needless to say, if you really yearn to escape from it all, you can blaze your own path into the wilder parts of America. Partake of nature's gifts with wilderness camping today.


A Closer Look At The Bowie Knife

The term Bowie Knife which is commonly used today refers to any large sheath knife but it also applies directly to the specific original design by Colonel James "Jim" Bowie and originally created by James Black.

The historical Bowie knife was not a single design, but was actually a series of knives improved several times by Jim Bowie over the years.

The model most commonly known as the historical Bowie knife was somewhat large and of massive construction, as knives go, having usually a blade at least six inches long and 12 inches was not uncommon, with a relatively broad blade that was an inch and a half to two inches wide and made of steel usually between 3/16" and 1/4" thick. The back of the blade often had a strip of soft metal (normally brass or copper) inlaid intended to catch an opponent's blade, a concept borrowed from the medieval Scottish dirk, and also often had an upper guard that bent forward at an angle, also intended to catch an opponent's blade. The back edge of the curved clip point, also called the "false edge," was often sharpened in order to allow someone trained in European techniques of saber fencing to execute the maneuver called the "back cut" or "back slash." A brass guard was attached to protect the hand, usually cast in a mold. It is likely that the blade shape was derived from the Spanish clasp knives carried in Spain and the Spanish colonies in the Americas.

Bowie was known for his many knife fights which is why the original Bowie Knife was designed primarily as a weapon. The shape and style of blade was chosen so that the Bowie knife could serve usefully as a camp and hunting tool as well as a weapon. Many knives and daggers existed that could serve well as weapons, and many knives existed that could serve well as tools for hunters and trappers, but the Bowie knife was designed to do both jobs well, and is still popular with hunters and sportsmen even in the present day.

The curved portion of the edge, toward the point, is for removing the skin from a carcass, and the straight portion of the edge, toward the guard, is for chores involving cutting slices. The blade is generally long enough and heavy enough that the knife can be used as a hatchet or machete, but not so heavy or long as to be cumbersome. Most such knives intended for hunting are only sharpened on one edge, to reduce the danger of cutting oneself while butchering and skinning the carcass.

Starting in the 1970's a version of the Bowie Knife with sawteeth on the back side of the blade have been very popular with knife collectors, probably due to the knife being displayed and used by Sylvester Stallone's character in the original "Rambo" movie. These knives are still popular today and are sold as survival knives in many cases and are manufactured with a hollow handle that could carry small survival items.

The actual usefulness of sawteeth on a knife is debatable, not to mention the hollow handles, which may be prone to breaking if the knife is poorly constructed, and many contend that the sharp teeth endanger the user when used to gut and skin a large animal carcass such as a deer or elk, as well as making the knife much less useful as a weapon as they make it prone to getting stuck. A proper Bowie knife is long enough and heavy enough that the user can usually chop through wood with it much faster than he could use the saw teeth.

Avid fans of the Bowie knife say that for a knife to be called a "Bowie", it has to be long enough to be used as a sword, sharp enough to use as a razor, wide enough to use as a paddle, and heavy enough to use as a hatchet.


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